Keep up to date with new product launches, line extensions, roll-outs or relaunches

What is CHC New Products Tracker?

This is an online product database engineered by CHC specialist, Nicholas Hall & Company, which tracks the latest consumer healthcare innovations.

Available as a corporate subscription, CHC New Products Tracker spans the leading markets worldwide and all the major CHC categories - no other service can boast more comprehensive coverage of consumer healthcare.

Users benefit from full searchability - browse and download new entries, track launches in individual categories, review activity from competitors and keep ahead of developments.

What does it do?

Nicholas Hall's CHC New Products Tracker tracks details of product launches, line extensions, relaunches and roll-outs across 4 regions. The database will cover the Top 20 consumer healthcare markets (as measured by Nicholas Hall's Global CHC Database, DB6), which collectively account for 85% of new product activity.

Each product profile offers details such as brand positioning & claims, status, pricing, ingredient formulation, format & dosage as well as owner and marketer plus a unique innovation ranking.